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Alliday ALLSTAR: Bluebird Lane

How many of you out there have dreamt of running away for the weekend, wished you had time to complete your stack of unfinished projects or pined for a few days away with your friends?  I think it's safe to say, we all have.  Luckily for us, Bluebird Lane has made those dreams much easier to achieve with their beautiful, functional and modern craft retreat just outside of Tulsa!  Set on five acres of land, the 3,000 sq ft retreat sleeps 15, hosts all modern conveniences and, of course, boasts some very desirable and personal crafting spaces!  You better believe I'll be there and in fact, I'm already examining my calendar to see when I can book my weekend!  Want to know more?  Bluebird Lane will be spending the day with us THIS SATURDAY and is ready to help your crafting weekend dreams come true!
Who are you? 
Jen Junkermeier and Megan Neal, Lifelong sisters and recent business partners! We are the dreamers and creators of Bluebird Lane, Scrapbooking and Craft retreat.

Megan Neal (the little sister) is the creative energy and vision behind Bluebird Lane. She is an Oklahoma Certified Florist and works full time as a floral designer at a local Tulsa flower shop. She enjoys spending time with her handy husband Edward and yorkie Mabel. A cute pair of shoes, a blooming garden, and a bargain shopping trip keeps this girl going. She has been scrapping since college and loves to find inspiration through other crafters projects. 

Jen Junkermeier (the big sister) is the centering force of Bluebird Lane. She is happily married to husband John and a proud mommy to son Jack. While working full time she is a family focused woman who knows how to get things done. She thrives on laughter, good music, and chocolate. Although new to scrapping, she has developed a great passion for perfecting the craft. 

Tell us a little about your business/service. 
Bluebird Lane is a Labor of Love created my sister’s Megan Neal and Jen Junkermeier. Our primary goal is to spread a passion for creative crafting. We offer a comfy, cozy weekend retreat experience for people looking to escape and create. We strive to give you a laid-back atmosphere in a beautiful country setting. We have sleeping and work-table accommodations for up to fifteen guests and you can book as a single reservation or a group. 
Where are you located?
Our facility is a 3,000 square foot hideaway located just south of Tulsa, Oklahoma.
We Love to give tours at: 
Bluebird Lane
20539 S Yale Ave.
Mounds, OK 74047

How does being involved in the creative handmade community affect you?
Creators and scrappers at heart, we are constantly amazed at all the innovative and fresh ideas that flow from friends who have a crafting passion. There is always something new to learn! Being surrounded by creative people creates inspiration in our own lives and for us that is what living is all about! 

What are your favorite handmade items to shop for? 
You cannot beat a great pair of Handmade Earrings that you know no one else has a replica of! It’s the interesting and one of a kind piece that normally catches our eye. Although, handmade soap, scarves knitted by friends, and personal artwork adorn both of our homes! 

What are you most looking forward to at Alliday? 
We are so excited to meet all the wonderful and talented Vendors that will be a part of Alliday. Having sold handmade goods in the past, we have a true understanding of the love and dedication that goes into running a business of handmade good.  
What is your favorite holiday tradition? 
Every year we (the sisters) along with our parents and spouses gather on a Sunday morning in the beginning of December, eat a hearty brunch, and travel to a local tree farm to cut down the perfect fresh Christmas trees. Bundling up in our winter best, snapping a few pictures to place in our scrapbooks, and spending the evening adorning our tree has become our favorite family time of the season! 

What holiday do you wish was everyday and why? 
This year for Thanksgiving our family all gathered at Bluebird Lane for an old fashion sleepover! What a blast! The joy of Thanksgiving is in family, food, and fun. It must be our favorite! There is no pressure to chose the perfect gift, or have the prefect table setting. As long as there is Turkey, Mashed Potato’s, and family it’s perfect. 

If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and why? 
We think a simple Family day is in order. This would not be like Valentines when one looks for NEW Love, or any government holiday where one celebrates a long lost memory of a person. This would be a day to simply celebrate the family we have, cherish the time we all get to spend together and focus on what is important. 

(And then the next day we would all go back to work! ; ) 
All the important stuff is at :
And the fun “get to know us stuff” happens here: 

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