Monday, December 5, 2011

Alliday ALLSTAR: Prairie Hive!

An Alliday Allstar is an organization or business that has gone above and beyond to aid in making our event a success!  Without them, we would not be able to do what we do!  In addition to artist spotlights, we've been showcasing our wonderful Allstars which you can catch up on here!

There are a million reasons why I love Prairie Hive.  I could tell you all about their daily blog filled with recipes, DIYs, local happenings, giveaways and more.  Or I could tell you all about how they are showing the world that Oklahoma really is hip, progressive and awe-inspiring.  Or that they support local artists and will be joining us at Alliday.  Or I could tell you how each and every one of them is a talented, humble, unbelievably amazing woman that I am honored to know.  But I won't.  Today I will tell you about their online magazine which has their fans counting down the days for.  I truly love soaking up every photo, every word and every page because these ladies know how to create a periodical to be admired and loved.  And lucky for all of us, their most recent issue launched TODAY!  Enjoy the read and enjoy the girls that make up the best hive in town.
Tell us a little about yourselves.
Prairie Hive is a collaboration of designers, photographers, writers, and crafty creative types based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We want to share with you interesting people, places and things in our part of the world – and hope you find some inspiration along the way! Each of us has a unique perspective on design, lifestyle, travel and entertaining and we want to collectively give you something to buzz about!

Our bimonthly online publication gives you a peek into the homes and lifestyles of some of our favorite people and how they live, work and play – then takes inspiration from what we see there to show you how to incorporate a bit of their style into your own home, entertaining endeavors or elsewhere.

We also hope you will visit our blog, a great place to find extended coverage of our magazine content, our “of the moment” inspirations, additional DIY projects, field trips to local places and events and a spotlight on great things we find around our little part of the prairie.

How does being involved in the creative handmade community affect you?
One of our goals is to feature local and/or small businesses as much as possible. We love meeting others in the creative community, both online and at shows like Alliday, where we have the opportunity to see their work in person and get new ideas for blogs, spot trends, or find products to showcase in our photo shoots!

What are your favorite handmade items to shop for?
Since there are 6 of us, you would probably get 6 different answers to this question. But as a general rule, I think all of us love unique items for the home and/or garden and fun fashion finds! 
What are you most looking forward to at Alliday?
Meeting all new vendors and seeing old friends! 

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
Again, probably 6 different answers, but considering we all work in design - decorating the tree and the home is a big part of the holidays for all of us. Personally, decorating the Christmas tree is a really important ritual to me. All our ornaments have sentimental meaning and we relive the memories behind them as we hang them. 

What holiday do you wish was everyday and why?
I'm glad there are lots...I always get tired of them by the time they are over! Changing decor, theme, traditions every month or so is part of what keeps holidays fun! 

If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and why?
I think we have plenty. :)

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Twitter:  @PrairieHive

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