Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Alliday ALLSTAR: Funky Finds!

An Alliday Allstar is an organization or business that has gone above and beyond to aid in making our event a success!  Without them, we would not be able to do what we do!  In addition to artist spotlights, we also showcase our amazing Allstars here!  Read our first spotlight with Unanimous Craft here!

Funky Finds has made easy one of the most difficult tasks for artists and crafters - finding the right shows to apply to.  With their incredibly thorough WORLDWIDE calendar of awesome shows, consider every one of your weekends to now be filled.  Funkily filled, that is.  Not only does Funky Finds produce their own kickin' shows, but they also help promote other shows, provide a virtual marketplace for artists, and SO much more!  Funky Finds gives artists, crafters and shoppers endless possibilities to fulfill their incessant handmade needs.

Who are you? 
Funky Finds ( has remained dedicated to promoting independent artists, crafters and designers worldwide since 2006.

Tell us a little about Funky Finds.
Funky Finds offers a variety of services ( aimed at helping small business owners promote their work on little to no marketing / advertising budget. The Shops @ Funky Finds ( is an online marketplace that is easy to use & affordable. We offer four Shop levels starting at just $1.99 per month. All Shops receive a free web ad, as well.

Where are you located? 
Funky Finds is based out of Jefferson, Texas; however, the majority of our services (aside from Texas-based events) are online and worldwide!
How does being involved in the creative handmade community affect you?
We are extremely passionate about helping independent artisans make a living doing what they are most passionate about. Being a part of the handmade community is a dream come true!

What are your favorite handmade items to shop for? 
We love unique artwork, jewelry, and accessories. It's also great to purchase hand-crafted pet goods, as well as bath and body products.
What are you most looking forward to at Alliday? 
Sadly, Funky Finds will not be in attendance at this awesome event. But we know it will be amazing and we will be there in spirit!

What is your favorite holiday tradition? 

Decorating the tree is a favorite tradition because we get to see all our handmade ornaments that have been collected and created over the years.

What holiday do you wish was everyday and why? 

Christmas would be a great one to have every day, because generally people are so happy and filled with true holiday spirit.
If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and why?

Funky Finds day, of course! Then nobody would be funky lost…everyone would be funky found!!!

Stay funky!
Jessica Dougherty

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