Thursday, December 13, 2012

Alliday Allstar: Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption!

There are some that have the golden touch when it comes to wrapping presents and there are others that don't.  And there's nothing wrong with that!  Luckily for those who aren't so into wrapping presents, there are talented folks to pick up the slack and we'll have them with us again!  Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption will be wrapping presents for donations for their cause at our 2012 show and we couldn't be more greytful for them!

Halfway Home Greyhound Adoption is a unique adoption team formed in the spring of 2002 to help dogs that do not have access to greyhound track adoption programs in finding their adoptive homes. We are a small group of dedicated volunteers motivated by our love of the breed and respect for the farms' commitment to the dogs. Oklahoma is one of the top three breeders of greyhounds and so we have an abundant supply of dogs. Our group is unique in that although we do some local adoptions, are main priority is to put together hauls of greys from Oklahoma to other greyhound adoption groups across the country and to Canada and Alaska. All of our financial support comes from private donations.

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