Monday, May 10, 2010

Alliday Artist: Meet Lollywood!

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
My name is Casey and I live in Tahlequah with my creative fiancé Ross! I started Lollywood one afternoon at work when our server was down and all we could do was surf the web. I looked up tutorials on making polymer clay jewelry and that night I made my first piece! Now, I’ve graduated college and work at a university and run Lollywood at night! My favorite things are Hello Kitty, Glee, The Sims 3, and reality TV.

What do you create? I make really fun jewelry, accessories, and drink coasters!

What do YOU love about the products you make?
I love getting feedback from people who see my work. Everything just kind of makes you laugh and smile, it’s a great feeling having people appreciate it.

Where do you find inspiration? Japanese culture, woodland creatures, bright and colorful patterns, and good food (I love cupcakes, so why not add a face to it and make it a necklace?)

The Alliday Show believes that everyday should be celebrated as a holiday! That being said, which holiday do you wish were everyday and why?
Halloween! My birthday is November 1, so growing up I had a lot of costume birthday parties. I’ve always loved dressing up and staying in character. Also, who doesn’t love the candy aisle at Halloween???

If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and how would it be celebrated? I would create “Love your Single Friends Day!” It would be February 13th so they wouldn’t feel left out when Valentine’s Day came around! Everyone would send each other cards saying why they are awesome and we’d all eat pizza and chocolate!

Any funny holiday memories or stories you’d like to share?
I worked at a haunted house one Halloween.. I did it on a volunteer basis and was a clown, a goblin creature, and a scarecrow! I probably didn’t scare anyone.. I had the worst growl/roar!

Will you be unveiling any new goods at Alliday?
Well, I will have a lot of stuff that people haven’t seen before in my online shop. I have coaster sets and mix and match coasters that can go with almost any home décor! I also make feather headbands now.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming Alliday Show?
I’m excited to see all the other crafters.. I always want to get something from everyone!

Rapid Fire Questions!
Your favorite color
To wear: gray
To live in: green
To look at: pink
To create with: pink
That inspires you: turquoise

Medium you:
Love to work in: polymer clay
Tend to get frustrated with: feathers
Would love to learn: sewing with a machine
You most admire: painting

Favorite musical artist of the moment: The Glee kids!
Favorite all-time musical artist: Brand New (circa “Your Favorite Weapon”)
Favorite movie: Heavyweights (Disney movie from 1995)
Favorite food to eat: Chicken Salad Sandwich from Lenny’s Sub Shop
Favorite food to cook: Mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese
Favorite place you’ve been: Disneyworld
Place you’d love to go to: Tokyo

For more information about Lollywood, visit their website at!


  1. Great interview! off to check out her shop

  2. Love your little jewelry. Looks so yummy!