Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alliday Artist: Meet Art By Bethany!

Tell us a little about yourself and your business.
Hi, I live in Broken Arrow with my husband. I graduated from TU with a graphic design degree in 2002. Then I worked as a costume jewelry designer until 2008. I started Art by Bethany a couple years ago when my former employer moved the business to Houston and I did not want to move with them. It's the first chance in a while I've had to create whatever I want. I recently started selling my "Sock Buddies" & "Sockbots" at Dwelling Spaces in downtown Tulsa. I'm looking for other consignment opportunities.

What do you create?
I make all sorts of things, but my recent favorites are the "Sock Buddies." They are little monsters that I make out of socks. I also do collages, fabric wall hangings, paintings, decorative pillows, jewelry, cards, and felt softies. I also do custom commissions, which have mostly been paintings.

What do YOU love about the products you make?
I love it when my pieces make people smile. It's almost impossible to look at the Sock Buddies and not laugh. :)

Where do you find inspiration?
A lot of my paintings are inspired by nature. I've been doing lots of birds and trees for a while now. The plush inspiration usually comes from books or magazines, like Stuffed, or from the materials I'm working with.

The Alliday Show believes that everyday should be celebrated as a holiday! That being said, which holiday do you wish were everyday and why?
I think if Christmas were everyday people might stay in that giving spirit all year (fingers crossed).

If you could create a new holiday, what would it be and how would it be celebrated?
How about a Handmade Holiday, where everyone buys each other a handmade gift?!

Any funny holiday memories or stories you’d like to share?
A funny memory from last year was when my family decided to give each other gifts we found in my parents' basement. It's rather cluttered & they often lose things down there, so we found some pretty nice stuff. Many "As Seen on TV" gifts emerged from the basement, as well as some unopened classic VHS tapes.

Will you be unveiling any new goods at Alliday?
My new items are hand stamped cards & prints that I've made from some linocuts I've been creating.

What are you most excited about for the upcoming Alliday Show?
I'm very excited to see who comes out since it's a new show. I can't wait to share my artwork with others.

Rapid Fire Questions!
Your favorite color
To wear: green
To live in: blue
To look at: blue
To create with: brown
That inspires you: red

Medium you:
Love to work in: paint
Tend to get frustrated with: sewing
Would love to learn: crocheting or more knitting
You most admire: clay

Favorite musical artist of the moment: I don't listen to much pop music...I'll have to go with Jonny Lang
Favorite all-time musical artist: U2
Favorite movie: Love Actually
Favorite food to eat: chocolate ice cream
Favorite food to cook: tacos
Favorite place you’ve been: Olympic Peninsula
Place you’d love to go to: Italy

For more information about Art By Bethany, visit their website http://www.artbybethany.net/!

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