Monday, June 18, 2012

Make That Application Count!

Sometimes, applying for a craft show can be just as intimidating as participating in a craft show!  If the show is juried, like ours, then your application needs to shine and fully reflect your products!  All shows have differing criteria for their applications but one thing remains true for all of them - your application is your first impression so make it memorable, in a good way!  Think of it as a creative resume!

Overview of our 2011 show!

Here are some of the things that Alliday is looking for from their applicants:
- That YOU make your products
- That the artist making the product will be in attendance during the show
- Unique, well-made products
- Creativity!
- Cohesive branding (company name, logo...) and products
- An up-to-date website complete with your branding and good photographs; a professional online presence.
- Quality photographs of your products and booth display if a website is not available.  If you've never set up at a show before, make a mock booth in your garage to photograph!  And make sure those photos aren't blurry!
- Make yourself and your products stand out!

Things that you may not think of when filling out an application:
- Fill out ALL blanks on the application
- Make note of the application deadline!  Ours is Saturday, September 1st!
- Write legibly
- Double check all of your links!
- Use creative adjectives to describe your products...spelling and word choice ARE important!
- Have a friend check your application over before you send it in.
- Make a copy of your application for your records.
- Send in your application fee check with your application.

Applications for the December 15th Alliday Show are now available and can be downloaded HERE!  
Impress us!

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