Friday, July 30, 2010

A Holiday Alliday?

Hey There Alliday Admirers! Long time, no virtual talk!

We know you are eager to hear about future Alliday shows and we've finally made some decisions! We've received LOTS of inquiries about a holiday Alliday but due to numerous factors, we will not be producing a holiday Alliday this year. We will DEFINITELY be producing a show next year so no need to fret! We are also exploring moving the show closer to the holiday season! Thoughts?

No need to be sad though, there's other handmade shows to fill the Alliday void this fall! Make sure to apply to Indie Emporium and Deluxe OKC! These two shows are a good time and beyond! Lastly, take a trip to Norman on August 28th to check out Dustbowl Arts Market! While vendors have already been lined up, you can still go shop and listen to live music at this vivacious fest!

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